Stinky footboard firmware 1.2 doesnt work

stinky footboard firmware 1.2 doesnt work

stinky footboard firmware 1.2 doesnt work

Note that in game macros will work with the Stinky Footboard. If enough gamers request it, we'll add it. Does it work on consoles such as XBOX or PS3? Not this time. We’re planning to make a compatible model in the near future. Why is it called "Stinky" Footboard? We thought it was counter-intutive, funny and extremely memorable. What else do you call a device that you play with your feet ...

From the support page you can't find anymore (it seems) the software past the first release (1.2) and here on facebook the 1.5 version is not anymore donwlodable (link inactive). So, having the habit (due to my work as a technician) of keeping all the setups of a lot of programs and stuff (even some not anymore obtainable), i have decided to do a good deed for all the Stinkyboards owners like me.

Footboard Stinky® footboard kicks gameplay up a notch, taking control out of your hands and putting it down where all the fun happens: below the belt. Two years in development, the footboard is unlike anything else out there. It is the revolutionary next step in game controller technology. Patented R2N technology allows for lightning-quick, precise responses, while keeping your foot in a ...

Stinky Footboard question for Obsiv. Home; Help; Search; Login; Register; XIM Community » XIM 4 ... but not on Stinky. The Stinky firmware will recognise the button press e.g Ctrl, but awaits a second input .e.g Ctrl+C. Bind the Stinky keys to something like 1,2,3,4 and bind 1,2,3,4 as Secondary Buttons on Xim to wherever you want to map them. « Last Edit: 06:17 PM - 06/01/17 by antithesis ...

 · 1; 2; Next; jhouff One Eyed Hopeful Posts: 42 Joined: Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:24 pm. STINKY the gaming footboard! Post by jhouff » Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:53 pm. Greetings all! I'm suprised no-one is talking about the STINKY gaming footboard on MTBS3D! It seems like it will be an amazing add-on to the Rift. Here are a couple quotes I found on the KS comments: Ernest Cheung: "Looking forward to …

 · I ordered my ducky one 2 mini RGB and when I went to set up the firmware it prompted me to hold the D+L key then plug it in then press OK however I did this multiple times and the OK button wouldn’t become available. I tried to reset everything by going to device manager and uninstalling every keyboard and it still didn’t work

 · A quick demo of our software and how it operates using 2 Stinky Footboards.

NoRefresh Settings force close on checking "Current Service State" box. And NoRefresh doesn't start.

 · As I know Forscan Team is working on fixes hopefully they can find the fix soon:) As APIM firmware update is always risky and you never know if it will not brick the module - I have few days/weeks without stress

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