Lytro illum light field digital camera beta firmware

lytro illum light field digital camera beta firmware

lytro illum light field digital camera beta firmware

 · Earlier this month, Lytro released two major software updates that bring a range of new features to the Lytro Illum and Lytro Desktop.. Upgrading your Lytro Illum to firmware v2.0 will get you a redefined, sleeker touchscreen interface, fully customizeable menu, physical distance information, and more area for your subjects in live view and and playback mode (including a new full screen view).

The Lytro ILLUM is more than just a camera; it’s a powerful light field image capture system and computing platform, with the ability to expand its capabilities with each firmware release. ILLUM 2.0 is a substantial update that delivers on that promise. It includes new features, interface improvements and menu customization. ILLUM 2.0 also introduces improved auto focus during image capture ...

It includes fully processing the light field for each picture to reveal more detail than on the Lytro camera itself and refocusing living pictures. It also can do enabling and exploring ...

Lytro has unveiled the Illum light field camera, its first new hardware since the original Lytro launched more than two years ago. Like its predecessor, the Illum captures information about the angle from which light has arrived, allowing it to calculate images with different perspective and focus. The biggest change is the use of a much larger sensor: now a 1" type, rather than 1/3" type ...

 · In October 2014, Burkard returned to the Land of Fire and Ice, armed with the new Lytro Illum, the high-powered light-field camera that captures “3D Living Pictures” and follow-up to the ...

 · Lytro's second commercial camera is the Illum. Quite the improvement over their first generation Light Field camera. The Illum features an 8x optical zoom lens, 4" LCD touchscreen, and a 40 ...

 · The Illum takes Lytro’s light-field camera technology to the next level. Unfortunately, high price, mediocre picture quality, and steep learning curve make it a niche product.

Lytro has released a firmware update that enables the Wi-Fi chips inside its 8GB and 16GB light field cameras. The San Fransisco-based company has also announced a new iOS companion app called Lytro Mobile, which allows you to browse images from the camera on an iOS smartphone or iPod Touch. Replicating some of the functionality of Lytro's existing desktop app, the mobile app allows you to …

Lytro camera, software updates breathe new life into year-old Illum light-field camera. The camera's version 2.0 firmware update brings faster performance and interface enhancements, while the ...

The Lytro Illum is a new professional Light Field Camera that lets you create "Living pictures" that can be re-focused after shooting. We have a look at the Lytro Illum with V2 of the camera software.

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