How do i find my airpods firmware version

how do i find my airpods firmware version

how do i find my airpods firmware version

 · Then there’s a strong chance your AirPods aren’t actually connected to your device. Try heading into Bluetooth settings to sort that out. Anyway, if …

 · To check the version of firmware that's currently installed on your earbuds, follow the steps below: Launch the Settings app on your iOS device. Tap General. Tap About. Tap ‌AirPods‌.

The latest AirPods firmware version is 3.7.2. Connect your AirPods to your iPhone or iPad. Go to Settings > About > AirPods, which you’ll see at the bottom. Here you’ll also see the model number,...

 · How to check your AirPods' firmware version Checking the firmware on your AirPods is considerably easier than it used to be. Instead of digging though the About page in Settings, you just need to pop into the Bluetooth menu. Open Settings on your iPhone and iPad.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Go to General settings. Tap About. Select AirPods or AirPods Pro. Check out the Firmware version. The latest version for AirPods is 6.8.8, and AirPods Pro is 2D15. If your AirPods are already updated to the latest version, be patient for the future update.

 · First, let’s check which version of software the AirPods are running currently. How to Check Which Firmware Your AirPods are Running With your AirPods in their Charging Case, open the lid near your iPhone. Dismiss the on-screen battery indicator that appears and then open the Settings app.

 · Plugged in Both Airpods Pro (With Lid Closed) and my iPhone. 8 Hrs ++. I don't know how much time it took exactly, But after I Paired it with my iPhone, Both Airpods are with same firmware Version (2B588) and are working perfectly. Thanks.

 · See your AirPods on a map Sign in at or use the Find My app to see your AirPods on a map. Find My shows you the location of the Apple devices that you're signed in to with the same Apple ID, and your AirPods. Or if they're not connected, the last time and place they were online.

If Active Noise Cancellation isn’t working on AirPods Pro. Find out what to do if Active Noise Cancellation isn’t working as expected. Follow these steps . If your AirPods Pro make crackling or static sounds. Here are a few things you can check to improve your sound quality. Follow these steps . Keep it clean. Learn how to clean your AirPods and their charging case. Clean your AirPods. Get ...

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